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Eating on Demand: A guide to Austin grocery delivery

Addie Broyles

Another component of this delivery-on-demand story that Omar Gallaga and I wrote for Sunday’s Life section is grocery delivery.

In the article, I talked to Instacart’s general manager about why it’s taken so long for same-day grocery delivery to take off and why grocery stores themselves might not be best suited to tackle it themselves. (But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try. Wal-Mart recently announced that they were testing grocery delivery in some markets, and Whole Foods Market will be making an announcement this fall about expanded grocery delivery. Only a handful of Whole Foods around the country offer the service.)

Here is a quick look at the local options for getting fresh produce and other grocery goods delivered to your home or office. Some of the services offer same-day delivery, while others require customers to order ahead of time for delivery on a set day of the week.

Grocery delivery services in Austin:

Instacart, which is now available in more than 10 cities, offers grocery delivery in as little as an hour to Austin and Round Rock for $3.99 for orders over $35, $6.99 for orders less than that amount. You can schedule deliveries within the next week and order the products, which are priced with a mark-up, online or through the app. (, iOS and Android apps) is a local company that offers grocery delivery all over Central Texas from any retail outlet. The customer is charged the same price for the items as what it costs in the store, but the delivery fee, which starts at $15, is based on how many items you buy. (, 512-785-1894)

Burpy’s focus is groceries from select stores, including Whole Foods, H-E-B, Central Market and Costco, with free delivery for orders over $50 or $6.99 for smaller orders. They serve Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio markets. (, 866-925-1338, no app)

Couch Potato specializes in convenience store fare: beer, cigarettes, soda, chips and aspirin, with generous language about customization for special requests. (, 512-410-5299, no app)

360 Delivery Solutions offers a variety of delivery, courier and transportation services, including groceries, to the greater Austin area. Delivery fees start at $3.99 for purchases over $50, $7.99 for those under $50, with an unspecified “percent of total purchase” added to the bill. (, 512-550-1194)

Greenling Organic Delivery has been offering grocery delivery in Austin for almost a decade and in recent years has expanded to San Antonio, Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With a minimum order of $25, they deliver to certain ZIP codes on certain days with no additional fee. (, 512-440-8449, no app)

Farmhouse Delivery, which sells produce bushels with the option to add on products you’re likely to find at a farmers market, is another local food delivery company with a similar ZIP code-based, once-a-week delivery model serving both Austin and Houston. (, 512-529-8569, no app)

Brew Drop is an Austin-based service for ordering beer, wine and liquor for delivery to a limited number of ZIP codes in Austin. They offer an above-average selection of beverages at standard grocery/liquor-store prices with a flat $5 fee. (, 347-815-0267, iOS and Android apps)

Coterie Market, another Austin-based company, specializes in artisan products, including food from local companies such as Texas French Bread, Dos Lunas Cheese, Mill-King Creamery and Happy Hemp and non-food products including jewelry and clothing, that they deliver for no extra charge (Monday through Friday) within two days of placing the order. (, 512-389-2887)

Tecolote Farm ( and Johnson’s Backyard Garden ( are among the local farms that offer home and office delivery of the community supported agriculture (CSA) produce boxes.

Did we leave off your favorite grocery delivery service? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending an email to