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Introducing our new Austin360 Taste Test video series

Addie Broyles

Have you tried the new Lay’s cappuccino potato chips? What about H-E-B’s Limited Edition Apple Crisp cane sugar soda?

Grocery stores have tens of thousands of products on their shelves, and manufacturers are eager to add more to capture even more of your food dollars. (How else can you explain pumpkin spice Oreos?)

This week, we’re launching a new Austin360 Taste Test video series online to try out some of these new and noteworthy products. Some of them will be outright junk food, but we’ll try to balance those not-so-healthful choices with other products, like Neat, a new vegetarian ground beef substitute made with ground pecans and garbanzo beans.

Starting today, we’ll upload a new video every Wednesday to and a spiffy new playlist on the Austin360 YouTube channel, and each taste test will feature a special guest.

For the first little while, I’ll bring in some of my coworkers at the Statesman, people like city government reporter Lilly Rockwell, a longtime vegetarian who knows a thing or two about veggie burgers, or sports columnist Cedric Golden, who is always eager to see what I’m bringing out of the test kitchen.

In the future, who knows who will show up to be my guinea pig, but I know we’ll have fun playing around with this concept.

To kick things off, I brought Omar L. Gallaga, tech culture writer and queso aficionado, to try out two totally different kinds of heat-and-eat queso: a refrigerated sample from Austin company the Original Tex-Mex Queso and a boxed, shelf-stable queso from Pacific Foods.

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