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We get letters

Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

We get letters.

On Dec. 14, editorial page editor Tara Trower Doolittle wrote a column entitled “Austin stages are ready for more authentic multiculutralism” in response to Zach Theatre’s current production of “A Christmas Carol.”

You can read Doolittle’s column here: and all following links are subscription-free.)

Also on Dec. 14,  I devoted my arts column to the same topic. Read “Zach Theatre’s ‘Christmas Carol’ too reductive” here:

Readers and theater professionals responded.

We published two Letters to the Editor from Zach Theatre supporters on Dec. 16 who wrote in response 

Next, Rupert Reyes, artistic director of Teatro Vivo, sent a letter which we published in our Dec. 17 Letters to the Editor,

Reyes wrote: “Presenting stereotypes creates obstacles to communication that could help bring our communities together.”

Read Reyes’ entire letter here: