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Austin360 Taste Test: Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies from Immaculate

Addie Broyles

It’s Wednesday, so time for another Austin360 Taste Test video!

This week, I team up with Statesman videographer Reshma Kirpalani to try out a new baking mix from Immaculate, the company whose refrigerated biscuits, cookie doughs and rolls you might have tried. This fall, the company has launched a line of shelf-stable baking mixes for brownies, pancakes and waffles, yellow and chocolate cake, gluten-free cookies, including these sugar cookies that we tried.

Not all of Immaculate’s products are organic or GMO-free, but many of them are, and they are part of the Non-GMO Project and hope to eventually use only non-GMO ingredients in all of their products.

You can see all the videos in this series on the Austin360Video YouTube page.