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5 things you should read this week: Michael Twitty on Thug Kitchen, Instacart teams up with Greenling

Addie Broyles

Instead of collecting food news from around the Statesman once every few weeks, which was my recent approach to link roundups, I think I’m going to try posting fewer items more frequently from anywhere on the Internet. Some will be serious, thoughtful articles that require some mental gestation, while others will most certainly be flippant, cute or trivial gems that only the oddballs who dwell inside the caves of the Internet could produce.

This week’s top 5:

“It’s just food,” they seem to say, “not Ferguson.” Culinary historian Michael Twitty pens another must-read on the politics of food, this time on the white privilege it takes to build a brand called “Thug Kitchen.”

Eat chocolate, not açaí has this cool infographic that helps you sort out which natural supplements or ingredients have enough scientific data to back up their health claims.

How far can Instacart go? The San Francisco-based delivery service has partnered with yet another Austin company as part of its rapid Central Texas expansion. But not just any company, an Austin delivery company, Greenling. In case you missed it, that means delivery on delivery is the new delivery.

Go Royals! The wife of Royals pitcher Wade Davis left a tip at a Missouri restaurant called Rock & Brews in the form of a World Series ticket to last night’s game.

Bake It Off: Jamie Oliver sings, dances and appears to be doing acrobatic tricks in this parody video with Taylor Swift, riffing on her hit, “Shake It Off.”