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Everything at your fingertips with 2015 Santa Fe

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Jodi N. Gonzalez

Special to Statesman Content Marketing

Out on the mean streets, it’s good to know Hyundai’s got your back. The 2015 Santa Fe Sport is so loaded with safety features and assistive-driving devices, it is almost your co-pilot.

I took one out for an extended test drive to put it through its paces and came away thoroughly impressed. From the keyless ignition to the gentlest beep I’ve ever heard on a locking mechanism, the Santa Fe is a dream.

The interior is enormous, plenty of room for a family of five with cargo space to spare. We took a huge load of furnishings and other odds and ends to a donation site without any sightline issues. Seats in both rows were comfortable for a long drive, and the option of heating or cooling them according to the whims of the weather was a nice touch. The steering wheel also had a heated option.

Everything inside the 2015 Santa Fe was state of the art, from a wide-angle backup camera that allowed for a full look at the surroundings to an easy-to-use and powerful climate control system and a sound system that had us dancing in our seats. The GPS was easy to program for home or office destinations, showing the routes and traffic problems no matter where you want to go.

I ran a lot of errands during my time with the Santa Fe, and fell in love with the easy-open lift gate, which opened with a button and closed with another button right on the lift door, making it simple to get things in and out without fumbling for a key or feeling for a handle. Drivers can also use the SUV’s “smart trunk” feature, which automatically opens the back when you walk behind it with the key fob in your pocket once enabled.

Have a teen driver? The Santa Fe will help keep an eye on them, too, by sending you a text when someone exceeds the speed limit. Just knowing such a thing existed struck fear in the heart of my own 14-year-old!

Blind spot detection with lane change assist, traction control, electronic stability and brake assist help make this one of the easiest cars to drive on the road today.  If you get in an accident, the Blue Link Connected Car feature summons emergency help immediately. Peace of mind goes a long way when you and your family are spending a lot of time on the road.

And how did the 2015 Santa Fe drive? The 2.4L 4-cylinder engine on the model I drove was fast and smooth, providing an enjoyable ride whether on the highway or rolling through the up-and-down terrain of the Hill Country. For even more power, the Santa Fe also comes with an optional V6.

Stop into Southpoint Hyundai on Austin’s motor mile to experience the 2015 Santa Fe for yourself.