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Promotion: Beasley Hyundai brings new car to you

Jodi N. Gonzalez

These days, it seems there isn’t enough time in the day. With work, getting kids to school and activities and general busyness of life, who has time to shop around for a new car? No worries. Roger Beasley Hyundai brings the vehicles to you with their Demo in Your Driveway program.

“We make it very easy for the customer,” said Richard Davis, General Manager of Roger Beasley Hyundai in Kyle and the new store in New Braunfels. “We’re a little bit outside of Austin, just a hop, skip and a jump. So if a customer is interested in a certain car, we bring it to them. We do a whole product demonstration and test drive at their home or office, and if they like the car, we can wrap up the deal right there.”

Davis said he came up with the idea when he noticed that people were inquiring on the Internet all the way from Killeen to San Antonio. “It’s not convenient, obviously, for them to come here, so I had salespeople who would drive the car all the way out to Killeen,” said Davis, who has been with the Beasley group for 11 years.

“We just took a car out to College Station today and closed the deal,” he said. “It’s getting more and more popular.” About 10 percent of people who express interest in a car at the dealerships use the service, Davis estimates. “People nowadays work long hours and odd schedules and they want to buy a car but it’s hard to find time. It makes it a lot easier for them if you say ‘What if I can bring it to you?’ “

Go to or to view inventory, then click or call to set up a Demo in Your Driveway appointment. Call 830-632-2200 for the New Braunfels store, or 512-262-2020 for the Kyle location.