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Electric bikes and meatballs, y'all

Serena Hicks

Turns out, it’s another great week to be in Austin!

Thursday is the first day you can check out Harley-Davidson’s new electric bike. I kid you not! Cowboy Harley Davidson is hosting the three-day “Project Live Wire Experience” complete with test drives (for those who have a valid motorcycle license) and a simulator (for the rest of us schmoes).

Also, rando timing but the Texas State Bobcats are hosting the Arkansas State team this Thursday night:

Allow me to suggest you mark your calendar for a very important “meeting” between 9:45 and 10:15am this Friday. Tickets go on sale for the Austin360 Amphitheater concert featuring Journey & Steve Miller Band. #dontmissout :

Friday night, keep it #classy and check out the Austin Symphony Orchestra’s “A Night of Mozart and Schubert”. #datenight

Saturday is indeed AWESOME as you can again check out the EAST Studio Tour (check out #264!):


Saturday College Football 411:

UT: Bye Week:

Texas State plays Thursday 11/20/14

Texas Tech plays Iowa State:

Texas A&M: Bye Week

Sunday is your last chance to check out the EAST studio tour this year. Don’t be silly and miss it. Get there and get your art on.

Wishing you all a great week (and lots of #StatesmanSocial tagging so I can see too!).