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Zips Dry Cleaners offers free American flag cleaning service

Joe Gross
Runner Matthew Effland carries the American flag during the 41st annual running of the Capitol 10,000 April 8, 2018

Let’s say you fly an American flag outside your home. Assuming your home is in Austin, it is entirely possible that your flag will, at some point, be covered in various allergens, grackle poop and good old fashioned American dirt, as kicked up by the hot, dry winds of summer.

Which is to say, at some point, you will need to clean this symbol of freedom. What to do?

As reported by KXAN, the fine people at Zips Dry Cleaners will clean your American flag for free.

That’s gratis, people. Will cost you NOTHING. Just bring in your soiled Old Glory and Zip’s will hook you up with a respectful cleaning and pressing for FREE.

God bless America. Clean that flag!

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