What is Austin360?
Austin360 is the entertainment branch of the Austin American-Statesman. It covers entertainment in Austin, ranging from music to movies, from drinking and dining, the Austin nightlife and everything in-between. Find a print edition every Friday in the Austin American-Statesman or check out austin360.com daily.

So, what’s the Austin360 App?
The Austin360 App is a new way for us to help connect readers and visitors to the best entertainment options and share those with friends. The app seeks to translate event and venue listings into actionable, shareable experiences.

Is the app available?
Yes. Click here for more information and the latest app updates. The app is available for iPhone and Android.
iOS iTunes App Store: Austin360 App
Android Google Play Store: Austin360 Android App
You can also download the app by texting “iPhone” to 70123 or texting “Droid” to 70123. (Standard text messaging rates may apply.)

How much does the app cost?
The Austin360 App is totally free of cost for anyone, even non-subscribers.

Why would I use the app?
The Austin360 App will help you easily find things to do all around Austin. It also searches events and venues to visit, all while making it easy to share plans with friends while on the go. The app uses a single login across iOS and Android for maximum flexibility.

How does it work?
The Austin360 App harnesses the writing, editing and curating work of the Austin American-Statesman editorial staff through the use of Zvents event and venue listings. We offer locally customized categories based on expert reviews and fun must-sees, as well as comprehensive listings. We have plans for categories to continue to update and change to reflect a changing landscape of choices and events and needs. The Austin360 App helps find events and venues near you, sorted by category. Once you select plans, you can invite your friends through the app itself. Save recurring contacts and create custom groups within the app. Then everyone can share comments and updates through the app.

Where does the information in the app come from?
The listings information within the app is gathered and curated into the app through Austin360.com’s event/venue search bar, which is powered through Zvents.com. Additional listings are gathered through Yelp’s API.

How can I add my business or event to the App?
There are a number of advertising partnerships available in various segments of the app. To learn more, please contact us through this website, or through www.statesmansolutions.com. If you have an event or venue you want to contribute to listings, head to Austin360.com and add your business in the “Add A Listing” link on bottom right corner of the event search box.

Can the App be used on all mobile devices?
The app is available for the iPhone and Android. The Austin360 App can be used on a tablet but for the best Austin360 App experience, it is recommended for iPhone and Android.

What software version do I need on my phone to use the App? 
The apps (Android and iPhone) are built for the following supported versions:

iOS / iPhone:
1. iOS 6+ (93% of iOS users were on iOS 6 prior to the launch of iOS 7)
2. Supported Devices: iPhone 4+

1. Android OS 4.0+
2. Supported Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Note 2
Samsung Note 3
Google Nexus 4
HTC evo 4G

What makes the Austin360 App different?
Sure, there are many apps that list venues and events. There are also a number of apps that let users make appointments and share comments. The Austin360 App ties all of that utility together — and does so with native apps (iOS and Android) paired with a desktop client, all synced with single user logins. We’re seeking to give users the best possible night out in Austin with the least friction. You can turn to Austin360 — a trusted local entertainment source — to sort through the mountains of options and find the best fit – to make the most of your time and money, and to ensure you’re not missing anything.

It¹s both a personalized event and nightlife guide — can users customize it? How?
After creating an account, settings and preferences will travel with users. You can also send and receive invitations from whatever platform you prefer — iOS or Android — and switch between them as desired.