El Paso Whataburger helps longtime customer celebrate 80th birthday

Ed Johnson has been going to his favorite Whataburger in El Paso for nearly every day since April 2016. He started going there for coffee and breakfast ever since his wife of nearly 50 years died of liver cancer, according to his granddaughter Emma Carr. 

Monday was Johnson’s 80th birthday. He did what he always does every morning. He went to Whataburger for coffee and breakfast.

Except this Monday, he was greeted with vanilla cake and  balloons from the store’s general manager.

Whataburger even replied on Twitter.

“His reaction was perfect,” Carr, who was also there for the celebration, told the Houston Chronicle. "He teared up. He's super humble. He doesn't expect anyone to do anything for him. He was just shocked that anyone thought of this. He considers the workers at Whataburger his family."

Carr also added that while Johnson started going to the Whatabuger in an effort to get out of the house and see people after his wife died, Johnson isn’t lacking in the friends department. 

“He’s very extroverted,” Carr told the Chronicle.

Carr’s tweet has since gone viral and was the catalyst for a Twitter Moment, where various twitter users praise the El Paso Whataburger, and Johnson’s good breakfast tastes. 


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