Second White House aide resigns over domestic violence allegations


Second White House aide resigns over domestic violence allegations

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Another White House aide has resigned amid domestic violence allegations. This time it’s a speech writer, David Sorensen, who abruptly resigned after his ex-wife accused him of abuse.

Another aide to President Donald Trump, the second in two days, has resigned over allegations of domestic violence, according to news reports.

David Sorensen, a speech writer who worked under senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, abruptly resigned and left his job Friday, according to The Washington Post.

Sorensen’s departure follows former Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s resignation on Wednesday after two ex-wives accused Porter of abuse during their marriages.

Sorensen’s ex-wife, Jessica Corbett, accused him of verbal abuse and physical violence during their stormy 2 1/2-year marriage, the Post reported, including running over her foot with a car and extinguishing a cigarette on her hand.

Sorenson denied the allegations, instead blaming Corbett for the physical violence.

He said in a statement he “never committed violence of any kind against any woman” and said he was “the victim of repeated physical violence” during his marriage to Corbett. 

White House officials told the Post they only learned about the allegations against Sorensen Thursday night and immediately confronted. He resigned Friday.

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