This Texas city was named the No. 2 ‘top destination on the rise’

Only one Texas city was recognized as one of TripAdvisor’s “top destinations on the rise.” And we have a guess as to why...

As Today reports, the travel site looked at “search and booking interest, as well as increase in positive traveler review ratings” in compiling its list of 10 destinations in the U.S. 

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So why the spike in Waco visits? Is there a chance that the city’s star couple Chip and Joanna Gaines have something to do with it? The pair, who star in HGTV’s popular “Fixer Upper,” run a large home decor store, Magnolia Market, in Waco. The store has nearly 4,000 visitor reviews on Google.

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According to the Houston Chronicle, the store has fans of the show flocking to Waco. Those planning to visit can find numerous self-led tours mapping homes featured on the show. 

Not to say that some of the other popular Waco sights, like the Dr. Pepper museum, or the Cameron Park Zoo, aren’t to blame for the city’s draw:

So apparently Waco is closed on Sundays ⛪️

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Waco’s inclusion on the list is a nice reminder that not all Texas has to offer is located in the state’s most popular or largest cities. 

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