The best Austin bar for every Myers-Briggs personality type 

Admittedly, there are worse scenarios than being an ISFP at a ENTJ bar. But...

Why did mother-daughter team Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers go to all the trouble of creating a personality type test if not to match you perfectly to your ideal drinking locale? Having a defined sense of self is great. But if you’re not going to apply to every trivial scenario possible, who really are you?

If you’re unsure of your Myers-Briggs personality type, or want to know more about its four-letter personality combinations, you can take a free test at And, no matter the result, we’ve got an Austin bar for you:

INTJ (Architect) ➡️ Midnight Cowboy

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As an Architect, you like to believe you know slightly better than everyone else. Because of your quick and strategic mind, you often do, but that’s beside the point. Midnight Cowboy’s appointment-only setup will appeal to your exclusive nature (and your love of planning ahead), and the old-school cocktails to your no-fuss sensibility. Midnight Cowboy likes to keep parties smaller than eight, which is perfect for your intimate friend group. The bar’s no-phone-call policy encourages deep, intellectual exchange (your favorite kind of exchange). 

INTP (Logician) ➡️ Stay Gold

As a Logician, it can be harder for you to fall into friendship, and at your worst, you can be perceived as withdrawn. Stay Gold’s alcove-style outdoor couches, lounge-y indoor vibe and casual crowd will almost make you feel like you haven’t fled the solitude and comfort of your home. The laid-back cocktail menu bypasses complications caused by rules and guidelines, which you loathe. Welcome home. 

ENTJ (Commander) ➡️ Milonga Room

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You’re a Commander, and that describes your approach to social situations, too. Your charismatic and confident nature means you don’t shy away from a challenge. With its reservation-only exclusivity and hidden basement location, Milonga Room isn’t exactly easy. The speakeasy entices visitors downstairs with the promise of amaro and traditional Argentinian drinks. You’ll be pleased you’ve so solidly defended your bar choice against your friends’ doubts. 

ENTP (Debater) ➡️ King Bee Lounge

You really love to duke it out, Debater. And while any night out with “a little wordplay involved” is fun for you, making sure you’re in the right atmosphere to really sit down and hash things out with the friends who know better than to take your sometimes-cutting words personally is crucial. Cue King Bee Lounge. It’s dark. There’s pizza. Plus, it regularly hosts politically-driven events -- right up your opinionated alley.  

INFJ (Advocate) ➡️ Garage

Advocates are thought to be extremely private and yet burdened with sometimes-unwelcome popularity. Establishing the intimate connections you strive for can be difficult when you’re so undeniably magnetic. Garage offers a respite from your routine social demands. The bar is dim and hidden in an actual parking garage. The perfect cozy respite for the conversations about society’s moral standing, the human condition and the betterment of others you crave. Plus, they serve drinks.

INFP (Mediator) ➡️ Pool Burger

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You just want everyone to have a good time. While some might say you’re too idealistic in this way (and all ways), we found it. We found the bar everyone will have a good time at. Bring your intimate friend group (because remember, you’re still an introvert) to little Pool Burger’s indoor-outdoor tropical setup after a dip at neighboring Deep Eddy Pool, and get a round of their fruity, umbrella-topped cocktails. Or beer, for your beer friend. Enjoy some fries while sitting back and admiring your work.

ENFJ (Protagonist) ➡️ W Austin

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Often thought of as the perfect politician, you love to take center stage and really work a room. And boy, is the bar at W Austin a room (several) waiting to be worked. The “Living Room Lounge” boasts all sorts of plush couches and designer cocktails to aid in the display of your charm and conversational prowess. Your altruistic nature means you want the best for everyone, and the lounge’s proximity to a variety of downtown options for your second drink means a happy crowd. Also, rooftop pool. 

ENFP (Campaigner) ➡️ Rio Rita

You’re very popular. You’re friendly. You know how to relax. Honestly, the biggest issue you face in choosing a bar is choosing a bar, because you could have a good time almost anywhere. So keep it easy. Rio Rita doesn’t presume a lot about its patrons (just like you). Accordingly, it appeals to a wide variety of people (and that includes all the different kinds and types of people who call you a pal). Its Chicon Street location makes it a little easier to get to than other downtown joints, which works well with your not-the-best practical skills. 

ISTJ (Logistician) ➡️ Deep Eddy Cabaret

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You like for things to make sense. As a Logistician, you’re looking for a no-nonsense bar that does what it’s supposed to do: serve alcohol. Sure, it’s uncomfortably close to the tropical cocktails Pool Burger serves next door (as in owned-by-the-same-people close), but Deep Eddy remains the no-frills, dimly lit dive bar it’s always been. You’re an introvert, so you’re not looking for a big scene, but you are seeking a dependable, unchanging joint that offers only fifty-cent pool by way of entertainment. Bar food? Do you mean chips?

ISFJ (Defender) ➡️ Kitty Cohen’s

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Before a night out, you’re enthusiastic. As a Defender, you’re looking forward to spending time with your carefully cultivated, tight-knit group of friends in an environment that reflects your imaginative and quick-to-inspire nature. Well, how does pink flamingo wallpaper sound? A shallow, patio pool that bar patrons wade in while sipping punches and sparkly cocktails? They set out dishes of lollipops here. Kitty Cohen’s wants to make you feel at home, if home is a Wes Anderson set. And that sort of hospitality is exactly what someone whose weakness is being “too kind” is looking for. 

ESTJ (Executive) ➡️ Lala’s Little Nugget

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How does someone who loves convention and order let loose? By celebrating Christmas a little early (or late). In everything but its explosion of Christmas decor, Lala’s is a very traditional dive bar. It has beer and well cocktails, but also eggnog and something called “Reindeer Water.” You consider success in social situations pushing a friend to participate and watching them enjoy themselves. Well, “How about the Christmas bar?” might be your biggest sell yet. You often find it hard (but rewarding) to vary your activities and social circles. Lala’s Little Nugget is the just-different-enough spice you’re looking for.

ESFJ (Consul) ➡️ Lustre Pearl East

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As a Consul you need a bar you can frequent and establish yourself as a regular. That’s because you have a lot of friends and you like to keep up-to-date with all of them. Your warm nature and knack for quickly establishing lasting connections needs a home base that’s open nearly all day, everyday. Preferably one with hula hoops and chicken wings. It’s east side location makes for an easy meet up and its large selection of bar games rivals your good-time-all-the-time temperament. 

ISTP (Virtuoso) ➡️ Drink.Well.

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You appreciate a certain attention to detail. You like to see things run smoothly. Efficiency is its own art, and Virtuosos (often engineers or mechanics) know that. Welcome to Drink.Well. Innovative and inventive cocktails are served at a bar boasting 75 different whiskeys. Never have you seen an orange peel placed just so. Drink.Well. has more than that, though. The extensive food menu (three different kinds of deviled eggs) will help keep Virtuosos, who can grow bored very easily, intrigued. 

ISFP (Adventurer) ➡️ Kinda Tropical

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Being in public spaces can be difficult when your aesthetic rules your life. May we suggest arguably the most beautiful bodega to grace our good city? Kinda Tropical’s Instagram about sums it up. What the spot lacks in liquor (it only serves beer and wine), it makes up for in a full-scale nude mural and fiddle leaf trees. It’s hard for you to just sit and talk for too long, but Kinda Tropical’s themed dance nights give you and the easy-going friends you attract a way to express yourselves physically. Life’s art after all.

ESTP (Entrepreneur) ➡️ Floppy Disk Repair Co.

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As an Entrepreneur, you liken social situations to off-duty saleswork. Aren’t we all constantly selling ourselves? Floppy Disk Repair Co. is a password-only bar disguised to look like a storefront. Inside its tight quarters give you just the right amount of space to work your magic -- plus, swinging seats. Because you tend to be unstructured (nearly to a fault), a night out can easily go awry or get a little too wild. Floppy Disk offers just enough structure and its enticing exclusivity will have you locked in for the night. 

ESFP (Entertainer) ➡️ Buckshot

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As an Entertainer, you don’t need a shot to get the party started. But why not help the loyal fans you call friends out. Buckshot’s dozens of interesting shot choices and rooftop dance floor overlooking Sixth Street are perfect for someone with your level of energy and drive to captivate. What is a bar if not one big stage and a night out a performance?

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