Conservationists in San Marcos build pond specifically for unwanted pet fish

If for whatever reason you decide you and your pet fish are not going to work out, do not throw them into the San Marcos River. 

If you remain tempted, however, to dispose of your former friend in a public body of water, San Marcos conservationists have a solution.

The San Marcos Discovery Center has built a small pond specifically for the drop off of unwanted pet fish. Habitat conservation specialist Eric Weeks told KXAN that the new pond currently boasts a few goldfish and one betta fish. 

The San Marcos River, on the other hand, contains thousands of non-native pet fish, which, Weeks told KXAN, “cause a lot of issues in the river.” The non-native species compete for food and space with native species and burrow, which is detrimental to native species’ habitats. 

According to KXAN, the city uses local fisherman to help capture and remove the non-native fish in an effort to encourage native species to re-spawn. 

That’s not how you want to see Nemo go, is it? Do your fish one final favor and dispose of them in the San Marcos Discovery Center’s pond at 430 Riverside Dr.

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