No, Alamo Drafthouse NYC is not holding an African-American-only screening of ‘Black Panther’

A popular image is making the rounds in certain circles online that promises an African-American only screening of “Black Panther” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn. It is also patently false, according to Alamo Drafthouse NYC.

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The New York City branch of the Austin-based theater chain tweeted a clarification about the hoax Friday morning. It’s unclear where the image originated from.

The hoax might have fooled some fans because Alamo does have a history of specialty screenings in the past, but none of those screenings have been based on race.

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The theater chain held a series of controversial “woman-only” screenings of “Wonder Woman” when it opened in June, and also put on a more light-hearted series of clown-only screenings of “IT” in September

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Much has also been made recently about celebrities who have bought out entire screenings to give children in “underserved communities” the opportunity to see the film, as well.

The language used in the fake Alamo NYC photo, which appears to look like a Facebook social post, highlights the false statement that “Black Panther” is the “first comic-based studio movie with a black hero at its center”:

To commemorate the opening of the first comic-based studio movie with a black hero at its center we are announcing two African-American-only screenings of Black Panther. Tickets are live now.

Further, that false statement might be a dig at an article published earlier this week on online site Salon, which claimed that “Black Panther” was “the first blockbuster-format release featuring a black hero front and center.” 

The tweet backfired, as fans of movies like “Blade,” “Jackie Brown” and literally any Will Smith, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor or Cleavon Little movie (or literally any other movie where a black character was front and center) proved, and Salon issued a correction.

This isn’t the first time “Black Panther” has been subjected to such online shenanigans. A Facebook event made the rounds last week encouraging moviegoers to “Give Black Panther a Rotten Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes,” and the film held a 100 percent on the review aggregation site until Feb. 7, when Irish Independent critic Ed Power rated the film as “rotten.” 

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“Black Panther” currently sits at 98 percent “certified fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes and opens in wide release Feb. 16. It’s poised to make $150 million in its first weekend in North America alone, according to Variety

Again, there are no specialty screenings planned for this film at any Alamo Drafthouse. Something tells us the king of Wakanda can handle some internet photoshops.  

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