On this week‘s episode of "I Love You So Much: The Austin360 podcast," we talk with Tia Williams, the creator, writer and director of "Gentrified."

"Gentrified" is a five-episode series that focuses on the lives of three black millennials in East Austin struggling to find themselves in a rapidly changing city. It explores the emotional impact gentrification can have on residents as well as other life stressors.

"As a black woman with an Afro, I’m not seeing myself (represented) at the grocery store or at work," Williams said about living in Austin when she spoke with writer Nancy Flores about the series last year. "It’s crazy."

Although Austin preaches diversity, she said, about 8% of its population identifies as black. From searching for hair care products to deciding where to have a drink and feel a sense of community, all those "little things add up and can really take its toll," Williams said.

Gentrification, she said, only exacerbates the problem. "Real people are losing their homes," she noted.

Williams came into the Austin360 studios and spoke with radio hosts JB Hager and Whitney Stropp about what inspired her to create "Gentrified" and what‘s next for the series. Listen to their conversation in this week’s podcast episode below. And learn more about "Gentrified" on the show‘s social channels: Facebook, Instagram (@gentrifiedseries) and Twitter (@GentrifiedS).

You also can follow the show‘s progress and contribute to production and festival costs through its GoFundMe campaign.

Here is the episode: