It‘s just never not going to be a thing.

Snow in Austin, Texas, no matter how little, no matter how brown (or nonexistent) the next day, always feels a little special -- a gentle reminder that we‘re still allotted a few anomalous delights no matter how short-lived.

So, when snow flurries fell quietly throughout the city late Wednesday night, residents quickly took to social media to share in the awe.

One Twitter user admitted that he went so far as to having woken his kids up from a “dead sleep” so they could get a glimpse of the rare sight.

UT in the snow

she’s cute af

— Big Dicker Energy (@BigAmZamEnergy) February 6, 2020

Holy crap I’m exhausted from shoveling all that snow in Austin!

— Harold Cook (@HCookAustin) February 6, 2020



— Camille, Goddess of Story C2E2 (@CamilleDoesDND) February 6, 2020

So this happened last night. Just a tiny bit of snow but a RARE sight in the Austin area.

— Brian :: My ULT is KPop :: VoteBlueNoMatterWho (@bribrim) February 6, 2020

Snow in Austin #Snowing #AustinSnow #TexasSnow

— TexasBr0 (@TexasBr0) February 6, 2020

Last night’s snow in Austin, TX

: Jackson Grimm

— Mariel Ruiz (@marielruizwx) February 6, 2020

Snow in Austin makes this Northern boy happy.

— Todd Swoope (@ToddSwoope) February 6, 2020

Snow in Austin.

The high was 80 degrees yesterday.

— A.R. Ahmed (@TheMacrobian) February 6, 2020

Snow in Austin

— Patrick Nye (@pnyeguy) February 6, 2020

I woke up to...what is this? Is this snow in Austin? Maybe #IndyCar needs to bring snow tires for testing at #COTA next week? It will probably be back to 80 degrees though

— Mandy Curi (@MandyCTV) February 6, 2020

A peaceful morning snow

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max
Edited in Lightroom iOS#apple #shotoniphone

— Austin Grant (@TuckerCoDesign) February 6, 2020

Snow?! In Austin?! What a time to be alive.

— Scott Delhommer (@s_delhommer) February 6, 2020

The University of Texas at Austin should have snow more often ♥

— Colton Winters (@ColtonWinters_) February 6, 2020

I woke up to SNOW in #Austin! It’s not a ton but I’ll take it! #atxwx

— Rebecca Flores (@rebeccanicoleyt) February 6, 2020

waking up to snow in Austin, TX

— Youssef Chaker (@ychaker) February 6, 2020

It doesn't often snow in AUSTIN TEXAS so when it does, you wake the kids up at 11 from a dead sleep and drag them out to see it lol

— Bruisr (@Bruisr_) February 6, 2020

Sometimes all it takes is a few flakes...

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