The topper on Austin's tallest building will soon add to the array of light displays illuminating the city’s skyline.

Developers are in the process of ironing out the final touches, but "in the coming weeks" residents can expect to see the crown of the "Jenga tower" like they’ve never seen it before, CultureMap Austin reports.

At 58 stories and 685 feet, the Independent, also called the "Jenga tower," is currently Austin’s tallest building. Upon completion, the appearance of the tower’s crown was so hotly contested that one Austinite founded and led a campaign to "Fix the Crown."

The fixture will feature a LED setup similar to New York's Empire State Building that displays a "full spectrum of colors."

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"The plan for The Independent from inception called for lighting of the crown. We’re working on the few final, finishing touches now. It will soon likely be one of the most noticeable additions from the public’s view of the tower," a developer who worked on the building told CultureMap.

Whether you like it, love it or neither, the top of the Independent won’t remain Austin’s crowning glory for long. Crews began working on a 66-story, 845-foot skyscraper late last year that is set to reign as the city’s tallest skyscraper upon completion.