Ready to go to the Austin City Limits Music Festival for the finale weekend? Here are six things to know to stay safe:

1. Fanny packs are back — but better in the front.

Austin police suggest using a fanny pack or other front-facing pouch to store such valuables as cellphones, cash or cards. About 43 cellphones were reported stolen or lost at ACL Fest last weekend. Items kept in sight are less likely to be stolen, police say, so avoid setting them down or storing them in back pockets. If you lose your phone or other valuables, concertgoers can visit or to search through photos of recovered items and make a claim. 

2. Some deals are just too good to be true.

Three men were arrested last weekend after Austin police accused them selling and reusing a handful of wristbands more than 100 times. Those planning to purchase tickets should only buy them at or from staff at the festival gates. Tickets purchased on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or any other nonofficial transactions could be counterfeit or invalid, police say.

3. Know your surroundings.

Festivalgoers should prepare in advance for an emergency by scoping out the emergency exits once on the festival grounds. If an evacuation occurs during the festival, pay attention to law enforcement and safety professionals and follow their instructions. For a personal emergency, such as an injury, call 911. For nonemergency help, call 311. First-aid tents are scattered around the festival to help with medical issues.

4. Don't panic if you lose your friends — there's a tent for that.

Police recommend that people attending ACL Fest use a buddy system. Communicate with friends in advance that if someone does get lost, try to meet at designated meeting spot. The Guest Services tent near the Barton Springs Road entrance is the festival's designated meeting point for lost or separated people.

5. It's OK to drink, but stick to water.

Austin police say people should enjoy themselves, but within reason. They recommend you not overindulge in alcohol to the point where you're unable to make safe decisions. Forecasters at the National Weather Service expect another warm weekend, so drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Alcoholic drinks or soda aren't as effective as just water for keeping you hydrated.

6. Keep your eyes peeled for danger.

Pedestrians need to be looking up and not down at their phones because they could run into  other pedestrians, pedicabs, scooters, cyclists and barricades. Use crosswalks, obey traffic signals and don’t cross over barricades. Watch out for the motorists on the road who might not be watching for you. Police also urge against distracted walking: Watch for those who might want to grab your purse or phone while you’re looking away.