Grab a friend and don whatever loose, slightly ironic button-down you can find — we're going to see Vampire Weekend!

The band capped off a three-night run of Austin performances with an "Austin City Limits" taping Thursday. Maybe lead singer Ezra Koenig took the "this is for TV" aspect of the performance to mean there was no time to talk, or maybe he just really didn't feel like it, but the night's stage banter consisted of a simple "Hey, what's up Austin?" and a "Thanks a lot, Austin" at the end.

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To help better illustrate the night, and also because it's fun, I've selected some tweets Koenig tweeted during a time in which he was extremely active on the platform and in which I used to love it. Also, as Koenig said (tweeted) himself: 

songs become tweets, tweets become songs - it's the way of the world

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)April 25, 2016


Dressed all in citrus-colored clothing and looking not unlike a bowl of fruit set against a sparkling, fake Austin skyline, the band paraded onto the stage and launched immediately into some of the most celebrated songs off new album "Father of The Bride": "Sunflower," "Bambina," "This Life," "Harmony Hall."

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)February 1, 2015

Each has the easy, familiar beat of the Vampire Weekend you've always known, but then there are the lyrics — exploring pain, sadness, loss. The concepts would have been foreign to a band that spent whole songs singing about sweet Mexican "Horchata" or warning the mayor of Cape Cod the vampires will soon broach the city limits. 

I guess this is growing up

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)April 13, 2015

i can no longer go full prep. i have seen too much

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)November 12, 2014

It's not difficult to reconcile the different phases of Vampire Weekend, however.

if you have a new identity then the new identity is you, no?

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)June 1, 2015

The drums are still there. The songs dip, meander, but still find their way back to that moment everyone finds themselves yelling along. Never have you heard a crowd so joyously repeat "This life, and all it's suffering!"

ur tears disappeared so quick

absorbed by ur dri-fit

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)October 28, 2014

Plus, when they play the old stuff ("Campus," "Walcott," "Cousins"), it's 2013 again. It sounds exactly like how it used to on your iPod Touch. You're transported back to ACL Fest when there was still room to sit on Zilker Park's lawn and it was definitely less hot, I swear.

my first coachella in 2008 vs me at coachella

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)April 11, 2015

Some things have changed. But Koenig is still wearing the sandals that strap on with Velcro and Vampire Weekend is still bringing the heart. 

bad news: the culture has always prioritized the personal brand

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)May 20, 2015

heart is so important

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE)June 29, 2015

May it be noted that I scrolled through the entirety of Ezra Koenig's Twitter in writing this. Thanks.