Music festivals have become a cultural phenomenon in America as people across the nation spend thousands of dollars and travel hundreds of miles to attend. 

With that said, being in large crowds surrounded by people can get tiring, as alcoholic beverage producer Four Loko found out in their recent survey. 

Four Loko asked 1,815 attendees throughout 16 major festivals across the country about annoying behaviors witnessed during a music festival. Austin City Limits and SXSW were both included in the survey. 

Festival goers ranked peeing outside of porta potties as the most annoying behavior, followed by holding up signs and smelly bodies. A few behaviors that attendees did not mind were singing loudly, talking during a set and funny t-shirts or costumes. 

The full list of annoying behaviors ranked from most annoying to least is listed here:

Peeing outside porta potties Holding up signs Smelly bodies Moshing/crowd surfing Sneaking in our sharing bracelets Taking video during a set Pushing to the front during a set People on drugs Hooking up/PDA Showing a lot of skin Cultural appropriation Funny T-shirts/costumes Talking during a set Singing along loudly According to the survey, attendees voted SXSW as the cleanest major music festival in the country.