It’s no secret that lip dubs have become popular once again., now known as Tik Tok, re-popularized the 2000s-era trend of publishing videos on the Internet of lip singing. The app allowed users to lip sing along to 15-second to 1 minute clips of popular songs and, according to Billboard, it was used by more than 200 million users at its peak.

But while many teenagers still continue to make amateur lip sync videos, there is nothing like the lip dub produced every two years by the students at The Liberal Arts and Science Academy. The school recently published the fourth edition of its well-rehearsed lip dub video on Vimeo and it does not disappoint.

This year’s video features students in dozens of organizations — from the water polo team to the reptile club — lip singing to “Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra. Students had practiced for the video over the course of two days and then filmed the video earlier this month, according to the school’s website.

Along with the lip singing, students also used a variety of other theatrics to put their own twist on the song. The video shows students sliding down a Slip N' Slide, members of the drill team dancing, and a near-constant stream of confetti, streamers and other various items flying through the air.

According to the school’s newspaper, the lip dub is produced by the advanced audio video production class at the Austin-area magnet high school. Ava Ponder, LASA student and lip dub director, told the newspaper that everyone participates in the lip dub and that it promotes pride among the student body.

“I think it’s a really good way to show people what LASA is, what life is like here and how much fun we can have here even though it is a rigorous school,” Ponder said.

The video from 2017 of student lip singing to “All These Things That I Have Done” by the Killers went viral after it was shared and praised by the band. As of Friday afternoon, this year’s video has more than 6,600 views on Vimeo.

The LASA Lip Dub 2019 fromLASA Film onVimeo.