According to the Haiku Foundation, April 17 is National Haiku Day and the day the "whole world honors haiku." 

So as not to be left out, we gathered our best five- and seven-syllable combinations, tossed 'em around a little and made poetry, true poetry, about some of your favorite (and favorite-to-hate) Austin-themed subjects.



Waiting in the line

Brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage

It's barbecue time


Itchy eyes and nose

Spring in Austin makes me cry

Be gone, allergies

Katey Psencik, Manager of Entertainment Content and Distribution



Bats might have rabies

Perhaps the wrong town mascot?

I will not touch them

Cloudy day

West Sixth, home of bros

Your body spray cloud chokes me

Polos are passé

Eric Webb, Austin360 Editor


I'll just sleep here

Quittin' time at work

Mopac or I-35

Prepare to not move

Gabrielle Munoz, Digital News Editor


Are we human, or are we grackle?

A squawk from black wings

The soundtrack to warm sunsets

Near the H-E-B

Maribel Molina, Digital Producer



Hey! Look at me walk

I'm Matthew McConaughey 

Alright, alright, all

Amanda O'Donnell, Social Media Editor


Hook them

Bevo sees bulldog

Preparing for a fight now

The longhorn must charge

Abigail Rosenthal, Social Content Producer