“Life, uh, finds a way.”

Despite more than a year of inaction from the University of Texas administration, student efforts to rename Robert Lee Moore Hall are still ongoing after the revered mathematician’s racist comments and behavior were revealed decades after his death.

Senior Vikram Sundaram is breathing new life into the movement with his “Malcolm Over Moore” campaign, which proposes renaming the building that houses the math, physics and astronomy departments after fictional character Dr. Ian Malcolm, a University of Texas mathematician in the Jurassic Park novel and films.

The sardonic character, famously portrayed by cult hero Jeff Goldbum in the film franchise, often provides a snarky voice of reason in the film and “stands for caution and discipline,” says the campaign’s student government page.

“(‘Jurassic Park’) made science cool, and it made something that people wanted to be interested in,” Sundaram said to the Daily Texan. “That was the first time that people… saw dinosaurs come to life, and that can inspire people in a way that, in my personal opinion, Dr. Moore never did.”

Although Goldblum’s portrayal is certainly awe-inspiring, Sundaram is not entirely serious about going to class in Ian Malcolm Hall.

As he writes on the Malcolm Over Moore student government webpage, the campaign’s main intent is to take Moore's name off the building. “We understand choosing a fictional character to represent our cause might sound absurd. But that absurdity is integral to our cause! Dr. Malcolm represents the values of students at this University whereas Dr. Moore most certainly does not. Malcolm over Moore isn’t really here to provide a replacement, but rather to point out the need for a replacement. Any replacement. There are many faculty and alumni at University of Texas worthy of being honored in this way, but first we have to create a call to action.”

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