A little bit of Texas got a new lease on life on Wednesday in a courtroom in Milwaukee. Even as jurors deliberated the fate of the lawsuit Pabst recently brought against MillerCoors, the two brewers announced that they had reached a settlement and would continue working together.

Pabst owns Pabst Blue Ribbon, of course, but also owns Lone Star Beer, Pearl Beer and more than a dozen other regional favorites from across the country. The settlement means that those beers will continue to be available.

"We have reached an amicable settlement in the case and are pleased to resolve all outstanding issues with Pabst," MillerCoors said in a statement, according to a report by CNBC. Settlement details were not disclosed.

As reported earlier this month, Pabst’s dispute with MillerCoors threatened to shut down the smaller brewer. Pabst, which has now breweries of its own, contracts with MillerCoors to brew more than four million barrels of beer annually.

Lone Star Beer was acquired by Pabst in 1999, though it had several previous owners since it was founded in 1940. It, along with the older-but-less-promoted Pearl Beer, has been brewed at the MillerCoors Fort Worth brewery since 2001.

Other regional brands spared in the deal include National Bohemian, Olympia, Stroh’s, Rainier and Old Style.