Recent weather (and last winter's three snowy days) excluded, Central Texas is known for its relatively mild winters. It's part of the reason Wallet Hub declared Austin one of the best warm-weather destinations for winter travelers in a recent study.

Wallet Hub split its ranking into cities for cold-weather lovers and warm-weather lovers, and the Austin area came up sixth on the latter list (meaning, on average, it's warmer than 57 degrees here in the winter). The Dallas area was fifth, the Houston area was seventh and San Antonio was 10th, with several South Texas and coastal cities showing up lower on the list. The Houston, Dallas and Austin metros have the lowest travel costs and fewest hassles, according to the study.

The best warm weather travel destination in the country? Vegas, baby. Orlando, Los Angeles and San Diego also made the list.

If you live in Texas and you're looking for cooler temperatures, the top cities for cold weather travel were Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, Cincinnati and New York.


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