Two Austin women have taken their love for Texas -- and their love for Halloween -- to the next level.

Nicole Jensen and her fiance, Cheri Horner, love Halloween (and they especially love Halloween in Texas -- last year they dressed as a Topo Chico bottle and a Torchy's Taco), but this year, they celebrated "Whataween."

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Jensen said they wanted to incorporate their entire house into their costume, and while she was willing to paint the house, Horner wasn't, so they compromised: Jensen went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies to cut and paint the classic Whataburger A-frame, and they reached out to their local Whataburger to help get signs, trays and banners to use. They also pre-ordered $500 worth of food for their Whataween party guests, delivered via Favor, and they hand-made their vintage Whataburger costumes.

Texans, take notes.


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