The downtime between ACL sets can be rough.

When the drinking and relaxing with friends gets to be too much, it can be nice to distract yourself with a game. The Twitter personification of Austin's cantankerous MoPac highway has just the thing: ACL bingo.

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How many "mud people" have you spotted on Zilker's lawn? How many people have you heard reminisce about the sweet days of ACL 2003? Did David Byrne finally play "that one song"? These are all ACL bingo board contenders. And if you're not marking the boxes with your own sweat, you're not playin' folks.

The wait is finally over

It's ACL Bingo time in Austin

Play slowly

— Evil MoPac (@EvilMopacATX) October 4, 2018


ACL Week 2 Bingo

All new from last week even if the acts aren't #atx #aclfest

— Evil MoPac (@EvilMopacATX) October 12, 2018

Other than confirming you are in fact at ACL, there's no prize for winning at ACL bingo. But we'll raise a $9 beer to the winner anyway.