No matter if you’re a Texan who’s a Cowboys fan, a Texans fan, an Eagles fan or a Patriots fan, it looks like Texans can agree on one thing: 

Queso reigns supreme as the preferred dip for Super Bowl parties.

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That’s according to the folks over at, a website that searches for money-saving coupons for consumers.  They’ve put together a survey of each state’s favorite Super Bowl foods ahead of this year’s match-up between the Patriots and Eagles. 

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In addition to queso being Texas’ favorite dip, Texas survey responders also favored barbecue sauce as their favorite wing sauce and pepperoni as their favorite pizza topping. Pizza, by the way, was also Texas’ favorite Super Bowl food, which is tied with wings for the national average. (Other states listed foods like chips and dip and nachos.) 

Sadly, the rest of the nation only ranked queso as its third-best dip, coming in at 28 percent behind guacamole and ranch.  

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As for reasons why people watch the Super Bowl in the first place, 37 percent of Texas responders are watching the Super Bowl for the game, 27 percent are just in it for the commercials and 12 percent said they were just excited about all the food they were going to get to eat. 

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What are y’all excited for this Sunday? Let us know in the comments.