The Austin Police Association is set to release this week a calendar of “Warrior Women” who serve on the force.

The calendars feature photographs of female officers in their working environment, and will first be available to sworn and non-sworn police employees during a launch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, union officials said Wednesday. 

Austin Police Association

“Showing the real female officer is what we aimed to do by producing the 2018 Warrior Women of APD Calendar. It was an effort to show the public a version of us, the police, from the viewpoint of officers instead of through the eyes of Hollywood or the perspective of a viral video,” said Officer Susana Sanchez, one of the producers of the calendar, in a statement on Wednesday. 

“From what we could find, the images of the female officer as a professional and as a human being have rarely been fused this way,” Sanchez added. “We believed we could bring this concept to life in the form of a charity calendar and, hopefully, encourage other agencies to build on this idea.” 

Sanchez said every photo in the calendar was made with a particular image in mind. The pictures show some of the officers’ daily activities, like shooting at the gun range, solving crimes, felony traffic stops or staying fit for duty, she said. 

“We believed it was important to allow the women to express themselves in each photo. This way, the viewer gets to hear their voices…voices of humanity, love, courage and strength,” Sanchez said.

Austin Police Association

All proceeds from calendar sales will go to Austin Cops for Charities, which provides assistance to local education and youth development nonprofits.

Austin Police Association executive director Valencia Escobar said demand for the calendar within the Police Department has been high, so the public may not be able to get their hands on one if they sell out on Thursday.

If that happens, Escobar said, the association will order another batch that should arrive within a couple of weeks.

Escobar said the calendars will be sold for $15 each. The union has not set a date yet for when the calendars will be made available to the public.