A possibility of snow in Austin, you say? Tuesday’s expectant snowfall was preceded by a blizzard of reactions on social media.

Some greeted the possibility of snow with excitement: 

My 3 day weekend just turned into a 4 day weekend. Gotta love snow days in Austin! pic.twitter.com/PcsfZ3uEO4

— Claudia (@TexasEx10) January 16, 2018

how considerate of austin to snow again when it’s not the week before finals so we can actually have fun in the snow without the crippling knowledge that i’m avoiding 14 assignments

— shelby mason. (@shelbyeezus) January 15, 2018

This could be the first time since I moved to DC it’s warmer here than in Austin. Enjoy the snow TX. pic.twitter.com/6usOMiyFQm

— Lauren Luxenburg (@LaurenC_Lux) January 16, 2018