I’m sorry. A what?

Austinites who woke up to a frozen windshield this morning proved that creativity strikes at odd times. Not every Texan has the foresight to buy an ice scraper for the off chance that they might one day actually need it.

Or, like me, not everyone’s dad has insisted having one in the glove compartment could “one day save your life.”

Accordingly, on an oddly icy Texas morning, the state’s residents are forced to get creative. 

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Just among our newsroom staff, reported ice scraper substitutes included: a drawer’s worth of spatulas, several credit cards, a plastic cup and a plastic level. 

A little research shows we weren’t far off some common stand-ins:

Spatula These things can do more than flip your burger. If you’re worried about scratching your window opt for plastic.CDs Render that physical copy of an album you’re probably embarrassed you bought even more obsolete by using it to remove the ice from your windshield.Credit cards A quick Google search proves credit cards the most popular ice scraper alternative. Plastic dustpan Makes for easy cleanup, too. Kayak paddle Austinites love to kayak, right?

Check out what some other Texans have resorted to:

Okay, this might be the most Texas of all the makeshift ice scrapers we've seen--a tamale spreader! Send us your videos here>>>https://t.co/1pinxadQYi pic.twitter.com/ASaRRHHwwV

— CBS Austin (@cbsaustin) January 16, 2018

In Texas, we may not all have ice scrapers, but we sure have BBQ spatulas. Send your winter weather videos and photos here: https://t.co/1pinxadQYi pic.twitter.com/Mzk6OjFOCB

— CBS Austin (@cbsaustin) January 16, 2018

I used a kayak paddle as an ice scraper this morning. If you live in Austin and drive to work. What did you use? If answer is ice scraper, well, good for you.

— Mose Buchele (@MoseBuchele) January 3, 2018