They just don't make burgers quite like ours up in New York. 

On Saturday, Texas fast food chain Whataburger shared a video on Twitter of a first New Yorker taking a burger break. According to its tweet, the company was serving food to first responders assisting during Hurricane Harvey recovery. 

In the video, Thomas Carrera of the New York City Fire Department tells the camera he's heard Whataburger was the "official Texas burger". As he unwraps the burger, another voice off camera urges him to eat, saying "forget about it, just do it" in a classic New York accent.

As he picks up the burger, he notices two patties of meat and his face turns to surprise. 

"It’s a double? Oh, everything’s bigger in Texas, right?" he said. 

After taking a bite, he points to the burger and said, "That is a good burger. Mustard... Unbelievable. Wow!" He gave the camera a thumbs up.  

While serving first responders we ran into a NYer who got his first sweet taste of Whataburger

— WhataburgerŽ (@Whataburger) September 2, 2017