In case you didn’t hear, Austin institution Franklin Barbecue is back open today after a fire in August that was caused by a wind-blown ember from a pit destroyed part of the popular eatery.

PHOTOS: Franklin Barbecue reopens Nov. 21 after fire

With the re-opening came Franklin’s trademark waiting lines, which many people were all too happy to camp out in for some barbecue. Many still didn’t see the point of standing in line for more than three hours for anything. Read on to see what Austin had to say about the re-opening of Franklin Barbecue.

The wait is finally over and there’s already a line! @FranklinBbq reopens today. We’ve got people sleeping in tents and waiting in the cold. @BestBarbecue got here at 3:30am! #DieHards We’ll be here live all morning. Watch on @fox7austin’s #GoodDayAustin #TexasBBQ #BBQ

— JacquelineSarkissian (@JSarkissianFOX7) November 21, 2017

Here's a look at the line now. It's 6am... more and more people just keep on coming! They say they'll do anything for some @FranklinBbq. It's been a closed for nearly 3 months after a fire. #BBQ #TexasBBQ @fox7austin

— JacquelineSarkissian (@JSarkissianFOX7) November 21, 2017

Let’s do this, @franklinbbq! Back open after a little setback. Fire couldn’t keep this bbq goodness down for long! #txbbqpassport

— Brian Hill (@BrianPaulHill) November 21, 2017

The man, the myth, the legend. Aaron Franklin out greeting folks in line at @FranklinBbq. #txbbqpassport

— Brian Hill (@BrianPaulHill) November 21, 2017

something is right again in this sad world! @FranklinBbq has reopened. 6:50am.

— becky willard (@blwroses) November 21, 2017

There’s no BBQ worth standing in line for 6 hours

— Matthew Allen (@mda_taz) November 21, 2017

We got in line at 5:30am

— Kristina Garcia (@MrsGarciaClass) November 21, 2017

We've got a little more than 2 hours until @FranklinBbq reopens! It's got some pretty loyal fans as the line just keeps getting longer and longer. @fox7austin

— JacquelineSarkissian (@JSarkissianFOX7) November 21, 2017

Congratulations to the legendary @FranklinBbq which reopens this morning after a fire we dealt with did more than $350,000 in damage just three months ago. We wish Aaron, Stacy, and all their employees the best on this exciting day!

— Austin Fire Dept (@austinfiredept) November 21, 2017

Got the second spot in line for @franklinbbq's reopening today! It's good to have these guys up※

— yonilevin (@yonilevin) November 21, 2017

Welcome back to the neighborhood @FranklinBbq. Yes... that’s a tent

— Stefan Griggs (@sprinklr_stefan) November 21, 2017

Even though @FranklinBbq reopened at 11am, the line will remain at least past 2pm. But @FranklinBbq says if they got in line by 11am, they will likely get some Q. @KVUE

— Jenni Lee (@JenniL_KVUE) November 21, 2017

Open for business folks! Be prepared to wait in line before you get some grub. It's about a 3 hour wait right now, but trust me... it's worth it! @FranklinBbq

— JacquelineSarkissian (@JSarkissianFOX7) November 21, 2017

That first bite of the @FranklinBbq rib face, tho. #txbbqpassport #seriouslygood #bestribs @BBQsnob @cbaez3

— Brian Hill (@BrianPaulHill) November 21, 2017

We couldn’t have asked for a better morning.