Let us now offer congratulations to the capital of Halloween fun in Texas: Laredo.

Laredo!? What about Austin? What about the bats? What about keeping it weird? What about the beastly boys and ghouls on Sixth Street? 

Sorry. This ranking of 2017’s Best Places for Halloween, by credit and financial advice website WalletHub, says Austin is nothing special, coming in at No. 49 in the top 100 cities. Laredo made the top 10 at No. 8.


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WalletHub’s ranking was based on analysis of "Halloween Fun," "Halloween Weather" and, comprising 60% of the total score, "Trick-or-Treater Friendliness." That emphasis on the holiday as an event for children was what hurt Austin’s score — it came in at No. 62 in that category. 

The top three cities were New York, Jersey City and Santa Ana, CA. 

After Laredo and El Paso (No. 16), the top Texas cities were the suburban communities around Dallas and Fort Worth, noted for good Halloween weather and safe trick-or-treating for youngsters.

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At No. 82, Lubbock was the lowest-ranked Texas city. WalletHub punching bag Detroit was at No. 98, ahead of St. Petersburg, FL, and Birmingham, AL.