This Austin woman’s Instagram is complete garbage.

No, really.

Austinite Julie Sondecker’s Instagram is litter-ally (sorry) just pictures of trash. Sondecker’s account, @365daysofhiking, features more than a hundred beautifully set pictures of garbage, usually gathered in a blue netted bag, in different natural spots around Austin.

As she told KVUE, Sondecker started casually picking up a few pieces of trash on her runs through the city before she realized that she could be doing even a little more. 

"Once you start seeing the trash, you can't get away from noticing it,” she told KVUE. "How great would it be if I documented this, say on an Instagram, and I can do it for 100 days, 100 posts. If I can do it for 100 days, I can do it for 365 days, why not?"

Hike 93: Annnnnnnd just like that, there's water back on the Green Belt. I cannot express how much I love seeing this landscape change and evolve with the seasons and weather. Whether the Green Belt is dry as a bone or gurgling with ribbons of water, there's always so much peace and beauty to be found.

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Hike 43: I hate to say it but the short trail to Barton Springs from Barton Springs Road is by far one of the most littered spots in Austin. I've walked that 1/4 mile stretch at least 4 times in the last 6 weeks and every time I fill my bag to the brim.

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Hike 25: I'm visiting my boyfriend in the Windy City for the next few days so my "hikes" will be a little more urban. I almost threw away someone's leftover lunch on accident _(?)_/ . This is what happens when you let hippies in the big city.

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