It’s a Monday morning in Texas. What is there to be unhappy about?

Plenty, according to a list compiled by personal finance site WalletHub. In fact, if WalletHub has anything to say about it, there’s more to be unhappy about in Texas than in 27 other states. Because that’s where our beloved Lone Star ranked on the "Happiest States in America" list: No. 28.  

But what’s got Minnesotans (the No. 1 state) so happy? And what’s so great about No. 3 state Hawaii?

Okay, never mind on that one. 

WalletHub split criteria used to rank states into three categories: emotional and physical well-being, work environment, and community and environment. These categories looked at different individual metrics, including sports participation, adequate sleep rate, number of work hours, life expectancy and divorce rate.

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While Texas ranked No. 14 in the emotional and physical well-being category, it ranked No. 46 in the community and environment category, which considered metrics like volunteer rate and weather.

Don’t let it get you down, Texans. And remember: Californians (No. 4) only think they’re happy.