If you find yourself “looking for meaning” in the “oppressive” heat of an Austin night, Vice has a few recommendations. And (take note New York Times) they’re not entirely off base.

Who told Vice about Deep Eddy Cabaret?

The news organization suggests staying cool while flipping through Breakaway Records’ vinyl collection, enjoying where barbecue and ramen intersect at Kemuri Tatsu-ya and kicking off the night’s drinking with “secret drinks” at Midnight Cowboy. 

Grab a mic: Where to sing karaoke in Austin

Vice then suggests “drinks with the locals” at Deep Eddy Cabaret, noting that bars in Austin, do in fact, close at 2 a.m. 

Where do those reasonably priced pitchers lead you? The article suggests Austin Karaoke and the “delightfully tacky” Las Cazuelas where you’d be ill-advised to “ask for a burrito—this is taco country.”

Even if you get your taco order down pat, we’ll still be able to spot you. No seasoned Austinite ever -- ever -- ... aw, we’ll let Vice tell you.  

Have a good visit!

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