A silicon wedding ring comes in handy for athletes and people who work with heavy machinery. Pam LeBlanc tries one by Rinfit  here – in the real world, she’d take off that other metal ring, too. Photo by Pam LeBlanc

One day I’m rappelling down a 38-story building, another I’m water skiing on Lake Austin, the next I’m mountain biking through the Hill Country.

No wonder my engagement ring has broken three times recently, requiring multiple trips to the jewellery shop to have it re-soldered.

It finally dawned on me that maybe wearing a platinum ring on the job wasn’t such a good idea. Besides breaking the ring, I could accidentally pop my finger off if it got caught on something. Yuck.

But taking my wedding band on and off isn’t really an option either, because I lose things constantly. I didn’t want that.

So when I heard about inexpensive silicon bands for athletes and people who work with heavy machinery, I decided to test one out.

Groove makes a breathable, silicon ring that comes in original or thin styles. Photo courtesy Groove


Groove sent me a sizing kit with an assortment of bands designed to break free if they get caught on something. They’re also breathable, and come with a lifetime warranty, so if you do snap one, the company will replace it. Groove makes an original or thin version, in an array of colors. Both styles sell for $29.95 here.

I also tried an even cheaper version of rubbery ring made by Rinfit. A three-pack (pink, green and turquoise) sells for $16.99 here. I can wear a different color with every outfit if I want.

The Groove rings are a little fancier – some are one color inside and a different color on the outside. Both brands are comfortable and easy to take on and off. I wouldn’t describe any of them as actually pretty, but they are functional.

And if they help keep my fingers on my hand where they belong, that makes it worth it. I’ll save the real rings for dress up days.