Barbacoa taco at Tacos dí Mareclo. (Matthew Odam AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

I told you in my intro that things on trips like these donít always turn out the way you plan them. But it still helps to have a plan. I intended to visit †Veraís Backyard Bar-B-Que,†El Ultimo Taco Taqeuria,†Gourmet Central by Cel, Brownsville Coffee Shop 2,†and†The Vermillion. One out of five ainít bad. I still made it to four places, had one of the best sweetbread tacos Iíve ever had, even after the Spanish-speaking lady at the counter did all she could to warn the tourist what mollejas were. As for those I intended to visit? One was closed, two of them had gotten such mixed and lukewarm reviews (even from the mayor) that I figured I best steer clear, and one just fell by the wayside. So, where did I go? Check out the video below. For Thursday Iím eyeing Super Cream in Brownsville before hitting Nanaís Taqueria and Oraleís in Weslaco on my way to McAllen to visit Ms.Gís, Dejarvis and El Rodeo.