Has April Fools’ Day gone to the dogs? Well, maybe.

Check out some of the best animal April Fools’ Day pranks we could find this year. And if you are just looking to have some fun with your pet today, here’s the top five pranks to pull on your dog. 

Prank 1: Groupon is now offering Grouber - a cat car service to get you where you need to go safely. And don’t worry, these felines are tested for rabies and can parallel park. The future is right ‘meow.’

Prank 2: ‘Dog is Good,’ a Dog Lifestyle company that creates and markets gifts for dog lovers, is launching, ‘Schittin’ Pretty, the dog treat with a purpose!’

According to a press release from the company, the dog treat gives back to the environment. That is, where the dog defecates, a tree will grow.  How you ask? Well, DIG Director of Product Development, Gayle Chait says that part of the treat will remain undigested and pass through the dog as fully fertilized seed ready to grow a variety of trees, flowers or grasses.

Prank 3: T-Mobile is offering a great new plan for our furry family members called ‘Pets Unleashed.’

[youtube ]

Prank 4: Zumba is offering a class just for dogs, called Zumba for Dogs, but unfortunately this one is sold out. Check out what the class would look like if it were real.

[youtube ]

Prank 5: Hulu has rolled out Hulu Pets, which offers premium pet programming for your best friend like Bone Appétit, where the best animal chefs compete to be named the King of Kibble. See other hilarious shows they have to offer here.

[hulu id=sj2wgmf0gs6lgzd04hzuhg width=512]

Prank 6: Does your pet have a movie request? Well, Redbox has introduced a new way for your pet to enjoy movies called Petbox. The new service is just like Redbox, but made smaller for your pet. 

Prank 7: Found only online and just for today, Petco is selling a ‘Dog on a Stick,’ a selfie-stick for dogs. But, if you order today, you will also get a harness and a ‘Cat on a Stick,’ the selfie-stick for cats, for free.