A lot of surveys have been done about kids not doing chores. Usually they find that only about a fourth of kids have regular chores they do. Are you in the boat with the other 75 percent? We are.

Are your kids helping to wash the dishes? About three-fourths are not.

We’ve tried a lot of things: tying allowance to chores, having a chore chart, having a list of jobs they can do to earn extra money, offering rewards after chores are complete. None of them have worked.

We don’t have bad kids. What we have is busy parents who forget to check on if the chores get done. Tired parents who at the end of the day don’t want to get in a power struggle over sweeping the floor. And broke parents who never seem to have the money promised. We also have kids who have unrealistic pay expectations. $20 to clean your room? Please!

So, what we have are kids who are happy to help, if it’s convenient to them and a job they want to do. Kitty litter? No way. Bathrooms, surprisingly OK, sometimes.

Anyone have a suggestion of what works, other than better parenting? Used a chart? Tied chores to screen time?

I’d love to hear new ideas.