Greyhounds, “Change of Pace” (Ardent). The soulful blues-rock duo of Andrew Trube and Anthony Farrell has seemed only occasionally present on the local scene in recent years, largely because they’ve spent a lot of time touring in Florida swamp-rocker JJ Grey’s band Mofro. But after a 10-year gap between their debut and 2014’s compelling “Accumulator,” they’ve upped the ante with this 13-track disc on the renowned Memphis label. They’re an intriguing pair: guitarist Trube exudes cool on quick-hit tracks like “Late Night Slice” and “Check Gas,” while Farrell’s rich tenor voice fills up deeper numbers such as “Cuz I’m Here” and the inspirational “Walls.” Their partnership is reminiscent of the push-pull between Kevin Russell and Jimmy Smith that was the crux of the Gourds, even if the Greyhounds’ sound is its own distinctive blend and breed. In-store May 27 at Waterloo Records. Here’s the video for the leadoff track “Devil’s Eyes”:

Dave Insley, “Just the Way That I Am.” A dyed-in-the-wool old-school honky-tonker, Insley brought several of Austin’s best country players into the mix on these dozen songs, including Redd Volkaert and Dale Watson, along with regulars from his Careless Smokers band. Singers Kelly Willis and Elizabeth McQueen brighten a few songs with harmony vocals, and Willis even takes a duet lead on the sly “Win-Win Situation for Lossers.” Playing April 30, and every Saturday, at the White Horse. Here’s the song “Drinkin’ Wine and Staring at the Phone”:

Justin Stewart, “City Fox.” The follow-up to his Kevin Russell-produced 2014 debut “Flagship,” which was born of experiences on the Texas Gulf Coast, Stewart’s new album shifts perspectives to West Texas, where he’s spent much of the past two years. Produced by ace bassist George Reiff and featuring a first-rate cast of locals including keyboardist Bukka Allen, drummer Chris Searles and pedal steel player Geoff Queen, “City Fox” is an intriguing collection of emotionally raw Americana songcraft. Release show April 29 at Scoot Inn. Here’s the song “3% Prophet”:

Rick del Castillo, “Dear Sir or Madam” EP (Solo Musica/Sony Digital). The former leader of the band Del Castillo gives voice to his inner Beatle on these five songs initially issued by a German label and now being distributed digitally by Sony. The highlight is the opening song, which hides nothing with its title “Paul McCartney”; if, like most of the record, it’s very Fab-Four derivative, that’s obviously intentional, and it’s very smart and polished pop regardless. here’s the video for “Paul McCartney”:


MAY 3: Jeremy Nail, “My Mountain,” release show May 6 at Strange Brew.

MAY 5: Beth Lee & the Breakups, “Keep Your Mouth Shut,” release show May 5 at One-2-One Bar.

MAY 6: A Giant Dog, “Pile” (Merge), release show May 7 at Barracuda.

MAY 6: Sam Baker, “Live at the Folly,” release show May 6 at Strange Brew.

MAY 13: John Evans, “Polyester,” release show May 13 at Continental Club, in-store May 19 at Waterloo Records.

MAY 13: Migrant Kids, “Primordial Soup” EP (Pure Joy).

MAY 13: Star Parks, “Don’t Dwell” (Paper Trail), playing May 2 at Sidewinder.

MAY 14: The Deer, “Tempest & Rapture,” release show May 14 at the Parish.

MAY 27: Boyfrndz, “Impulse” (Brutal Panda), release show May 27 at Sidewinder.

MAY 27: Megafauna, “Welcome Home.”

MAY: Cotton Mather, “Songs From the I Ching,” first in a series of vinyl releases collecting 64 digital tracks.

MAY: Emily Gimble, title TBA.

JUNE 5: Kidlat Punch, “If Only We Could Hear Them” (We’re Trying).

JUNE 10: Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle, “Colvin & Earle” (Fantasy).

JUNE 10: Charlie Faye & the Fayettes, self-titled, release show May 6 at Strange Brew.

JUNE: Jack Ingram, “Midnight Motel” (Rounder).

JULY 15: Nightowls, “Royal Sessions” EP, release show July 15 at Scoot Inn.