Bravery. That’s what our Statesman Season for Caring families have. Bravery to come to a new country to make a better life for your family. Bravery to face your body’s limitations and still wake up each day with hope. Bravery to care for a loved one who is struggling. Bravery to seek help, to let a community into your life, when things seem impossible.

The 12 Statesman Season for Caring families let us tell their stories to help not just themselves but also the local nonprofit organizations that nominated them to the program.

The featured families’ needs are taken care of first, but then Season for Caring funds also help hundreds of other families with basic necessities including food, shelter, transportation, education and medical care.

The community makes that happen. They read the story of a family struggling with mounting medical bills, and they make a monetary donation through the coupon in the paper or the donation link online. They read a story about a senior who needs a house made more accessible and they donate the remodeling work to make that happen. They donate the car they were going to trade in, knowing that a mom will be able to get her children to a doctor’s appointment or get herself to a better job. They get the folks in their office to adopt one of the families, and then together they knock off items on the wish list.

Together, both Season for Caring families and donors give us reason to believe that there are wonderful people in our community making Austin better one gift of hope at a time.

Give how you can and make these holidays and all of 2020 a Season for Caring.

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