Why is that squirrel doing that weird thing? Because it’s summer in Texas

Whatcha doin’ there, little guy?

If you’ve lived in Texas long enough, you’ve seen a squirrel lie flat on its belly somewhere. In fact, the r/Texas subreddit has been all over the phenomenon this week. Squirrels splayed out on benches, squirrels prone under railings, squirrels spread eagle in the shade of a pillar. Collect ’em all.

If you’ve wondered what exactly is going on with those lethargic-looking critters, bet you could make the right guess. According to the Humane Society, a squirrel channeling its inner pancake is just trying to beat the heat. This behavior can serve a few purposes for a squirrel, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports, like staying inconspicuous to avoid predators; staying warm in winter by exposing themselves to the sun; and staying cool in the summer by spreading their bellies on a colder surface.

You can get a better look in this video:

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