What’s the deal with those ‘DTF’ billboards all over Austin?

So, you’ve probably seen some interesting billboards around town lately.

They’re brightly colored with the letters “DTF” emblazoned in massive block letters, which is, well, attention-grabbing. It’s all part of a new campaign from dating website OkCupid.

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If you’re not familiar with the term “DTF” it seems to have originated in the 2007 film “Super Bad” when Jonah Hill’s character is talking to Michael Cera’s character, and for the sake of not publishing an expletive on our website, I’ll let Hill explain to you what it means: 

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The term was made more popular by the cast of “Jersey Shore” and it has lived on in the millennial vernacular -- well, until OkCupid came along with this new marketing campaign.

It’s reclaiming “DTF” and declaring that the company is “DTFix Dating” by taking the initialism and re-imagining it in a less suggestive way (sometimes). Some of the new marketing slogans: DTFall Head Over Heels, DTFight About The President, DTFuriously Make Out and DTFoot The Bill, among others. 

The billboards popped up in Austin in early January and have prompted conversation online. But why did the dating website choose Austin for the campaign? 

“What we’ve noticed is that daters in Austin care a lot about who the person is, what they’re into, and what they believe in. That gets us at OkCupid really excited because we want to bring more mindfulness to dating. And let’s be honest, Austin is a great place to date -- amazing bars, restaurants, tons of stuff to do,” said Melissa Hobley, the company’s chief marketing officer.

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One of the billboards popped up (somewhat hilariously) in the background of a photo of an Austin Police Department officer: 

OkCupid partnered with local women’s group Boss Babes ATX for its “State of the Uterus” event in late January. The dating site is also partnering with The Highball at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar for a “DTFix Dating Game” at the bar’s weekly game night -- with a twist (it’s like the Dating Game, but with OkCupid questions).

The campaign follows OkCupid’s rollout of the “Trump Filter” (which does exactly what it sounds like -- filters out potential matches depending on whether they’re supporters or opponents of President Donald Trump) and its new “substance over selfies” effort, which promotes a “more robust profile” for its users rather than other dating sites and apps that may tend to be more photo-heavy.

So no, the billboards aren’t quite what you thought at first glance. But they got your attention, right? Which is exactly what OkCupid was hoping.

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