This video perfectly captures summer in Austin

11:05 a.m. Wednesday, June 21, 2017 Recreation

You’ve seen Austin. You’ve seen Austin from a drone. But you probably haven’t seen a video that makes you want to backflip into a body of water as badly as this video does.

At first glance, the video looks like your average “let’s fly over Austin” drone footage — but then we get to the Barton Creek Greenbelt and hang on, let me grab my swimsuit because I’m headed there ASAP.

Sure, summer in Austin can be pretty miserable at times. It’s hot and often sticky and itchy, and the pools are crowded.

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But this video does a good job of reminding us all why we live here — after all, where else but Central Texas can boast such an amazing list of swimming holes

INTERACTIVE MAP: Your guide to Central Texas swimming holes

See you at the pool.


Lifeguards at Barton Springs clean the spring-fed pool every week to prevent algae build up and preserve the natural ecosystem. Using a firehouse and recirculated pool water, they call the process “riding the dragon.”