It’s Halloween, y’all: 5 Texas horror movies

Oct 31, 2017
Promotional hand out photo of a scene from the (1973) Texas Chainsaw Massacre. CREDIT: Bryanston Distributing Company. Received 02/22/10 for 0226Garcia.

It’s Halloween, y’all. Ring in the season (or summon the ghouls) by watching one of these Texas horror movies that confirm what we always suspected: There’s something spooky about this place.

Just because this movie is slightly making fun of the movies that inspired it, like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Hills Have Eyes,” doesn’t mean it isn’t scary. What happens to two young couples in Rob Zombie’s directorial debut is just another reminder why your mom doesn’t like you driving through Texas at night. 

Because this movie is reportedly based on a real-life killing spree it earns that “based on a true story” stamp, and because it’s set in Texarkana it’s just as unnerving as you would imagine. It also has a 2014 remake if you’re looking for a modern take. 

3. Planet Terror

Zombieeeeesss. In “Planet Terror” a “bio-nerve gas” is accidentally released on a military base in Texas, and there’s no looking back from there. 

4. Death Proof

Maybe Quentin Tarantino considers “Death Proof” his worst movie, but spotting all your favorite Austin filming locations, including Texas Chili Parlor, is enough reason to watch.

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It’s in the name. Whether you’re watching the original or any of the many sequels and prequels it spawned, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” preys on that classic dusty road, creepy farmhouse, Texas-grit that make our state the perfect setting for some guy to run around wearing someone else’s face. 

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