You can now buy fruit punch-infused pickles at Walmart


You can now buy fruit punch-infused pickles at Walmart

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Courtesy Walmart

It’s no secret that Texans love pickles. We fry ‘em up, eat them cold, put them on sandwiches and burgers and hot dogs and even Bloody Marys. In fact, Buzzfeed was even weirded out at one point in 2015 by the fact that Texans eat pickles at the movies.

But it’s totally normal in Texas. So is infusing pickles with Kool-Aid. It’s weird, sure, but think about it: you’ve got your sour pickles with your sweet fruit punch. Does that really sound so bad? (I mean, maybe. I don’t know.)

Anyway, the Koolickle reportedly originated in Mississippi, and the big box stores are finally catching on. Walmart is now selling “Tropickles,” fruit punch flavored pickles, as part of its Great Value brand. The chain reportedly launched the sweet-sour treat on July 14, and you can get them for a little less than $2 at your friendly neighborhood Walmart store.l

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